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Doris Wood

Doris Wood

Naples, FL


Self Portrait / Digital Painting

I started painting with water colors over 19 years ago as a way to cope with early onset Parkinsonís Disease. However, my tremors made it difficult for me to wield a paintbrush. I wanted to create beautiful pictures, not a canvas of splattered paint! As a result, I experimented with graphic arts and found that I really liked it. The computer screen became my canvas and the mouse became my brush. My palette expanded enormously, providing me with a virtually unlimited number of shades and colors. This I like very much. Over the years, it has given me great pleasure to create literally hundreds of digital paintings using my own special techniques and imagination. I am both thrilled and deeply grateful that I have been able to transcend some of the limitations of Parkinsonís Disease through the digital creation of original fine art.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you will find the perfect work of art for your home or office.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have purchased my art.

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Sunset at Clam Pass




Mushroom Cloud at Sunset


Watching the Sunset


Sunset at Seagate Beach


They Call Her Red


Portrait of a Lady with a Red Hat


Portrait of a Woman from a Long Time Ago


A Portrait of a Friend


Abstract Portrait of a Blue Lady


Another Pretty Face


Blowing in the Wind




Fractal Display Number Eight


Fractal Display


Fractal Design Number Nine


Abstract Jewels




Colorful Spoonbill


Colorful Hedgehog


Spoonbill Number One


Abstract Flowers


Another Colorful Flamingo


Abstract Blue and Red


Colorful Heron